Work interruptions are evil

I can be doing something very important but if I get distracted for a little bit when I go back I totally forget what I was doing. Here is what happened today.

I wanted to code some new stuff and was about to add the line:

if ( !Node ) { return clPtr<clSceneNode>(); }

just before this line:

if ( !Node->LoadFromStream( Stream ) ) { return clPtr<clSceneNode>(); }

Suddenly I heard a phone ringing, got up from my computer, and left the code incomplete:

if ( !Node )
if ( !Node->LoadFromStream( Stream ) ) { return clPtr<clSceneNode>(); }

After the phone call I decided to drink some tee… I completely forgot what I was doing.
Long story short, when I returned to my coding I spent 30 minutes figuring out why my program was broken and what the heck was going on 🙁

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