Monthly Archives: November 2013

BlackBerry 10 Native SDK command-line tools

I did some BlackBerry 10 development this year and found its native C/C++ development environment very friendly. However, Momentics IDE is nice but I was looking for a clean command-line environment to automate my daily builds and tests. It came out, the Native SDK comes with a full set of Windows-based tools required to do it, which reside in the host_…\win32\x86\usr\bin\ folder.

To make a .bar package:

blackberry-nativepackager -devMode -package <> bar-descriptor.xml

To install .bar on your device or emulator:

blackberry-deploy -installApp -launchApp -device <device_ip> <>

To bring a log file back to your PC from the device:

blackberry-deploy -getfile logs/log FileOnPC.txt -device <device_ip> <>

-devMode is required to let others access the “logs/log“ file (and other temp files).

P.S. Official documentation: