Dual panel orthodox portable file manager: Wal Commander GitHub Edition

As a zealous Windows fan and developer, I use Far Manager to do all file managing and significant amount of coding. When it comes to Linux or OS X, I feel like a fish dragged ashore. That is it: no familiar UI and hotkeys to dig through my files and type my code. It is painful because I need to switch between Windows/Linux/OSX and cannot live on a single system. Somewhat over a year ago, I found a portable open-source file manager called Wal Commander, which was pretty close to what Far Manager is on Windows. I started using it and found some nice features missing, which I was able to add. The original author was very slow on development and integration of patches, so I decided to put up a GitHub repository and stockpile all my contributions there.

Since then, several people contributed to the project to improve it and make it usable on FreeBSD. The project has evolved too far from the original source code (working FreeBSD port, tons of new features, step-by-step refactoring and code improvement) and I renamed it to Wal Commander GitHub Edition.

Wal Commander GitHub Edition

Here is a complete list of new features in the current development branch (master-0.16.2):

  • Added: share search text between all search and search-n-replace dialogs
  • Added: indicator of the current sorting order in the panel
  • Added: taskbar hints for the Alt key
  • Added: option ‘Select folders’
  • Added: F3 calculates the size of multiple selected folders
  • Added: command line autocomplete
  • Added: save window size & position
  • Added: save path in panels
  • Hotket: Shift+Enter to start command without the terminal
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+Tab to switch between editor/viewer and panels
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+O in editor/viewer shows the terminal terminal
  • Hotkey: ‘5’ on the numpad calculates the size of the selected files
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+U swap panels
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+Del in the editor
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+BackSpace in the editor
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] paste a path from the left/right panel to the command line
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+Enter in Alt-search moved to the next file
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+G applies command to the selected files
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+Insert copies the current file name to the clipboard
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+Insert copies contents of the non-empty command line to the clipboard
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+Enter on .. pastes the current path into the command line
  • Hotkey: ESC clears the command line before toggling the panels
  • Hotkey: ESC cancels Alt+… panel search before toggling the panels
  • Hotkey: DEL deletes files
  • Hotkey: Ctrl+PgDown to enter directories
  • Hotkey: BackSpace to go up dir (configurable, off by default)
  • Improved: Alt-search editline repaints correctly
  • Improved: mouse wheel support
  • Improved: FreeBSD support
  • Improved: editor cursor is now Far-like and blinking
  • Improved: save per-file scrolling positions in the editor
  • Improved: inaccessible paths bring you to the root folder or to the drive selection dialog
  • Improved: panel footer text (less garbage, show free space)
  • Improved: show other panel’s full path in the drive selection dialog
  • Fixed: vertical lines in Full panel modes
  • Fixed: command line is now black
  • Fixed: numpad Enter
  • Fixed: cursor position in the panel after deleting files
  • Fixed: switching language while in Alt-search closes the search editline
  • Fixed: bug with the first letter in Alt-search
  • Fixed: save/restore panel paths on Windows
  • Fixed: save the configuration on exit
  • Fixed: don’t cancel Alt+… panel search on Shift, Alt, and Ctrl
  • Added CMake and Code::Blocks configs
  • Disabled most of the 3D UI
  • Disabled auto indent in the editor
  • Default font is LiberationMono-Regular 14pt
  • Default tab size is 3
  • Case sensitive sorting is disabled by default
  • Fast path selection on the other panel

Wal Commanger GitHub Edition - Autocomplete

The project is growing and looking for volunteers to establish a working OS X port.


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